How to maintain your car running great for a longer time

Taking care of your car is essential if you want to enjoy it for a longer period of time. And constant maintenance is a complex aspect that includes more aspects such as checking the tires, checking the oil, washing the car and keeping it clean, checking the brakes, cleaning the interior of your vehicle and checking for fluids to make sure everything is functioning to the highest standards.

While some aspects might seem more important than others, you really can’t underestimate any of them because one small problem attracts another and so you might end up with a bad functioning vehicle. If the maintenance is done poorly, you will spend a considerable amount of money to make your car work properly again, and all this trouble can be avoided with a little of attention and interest in your vehicle. A good tip that will ease your job is to have an established schedule for all the aspects that you need to keep an eye on when you check your car, so that you will not miss anything and you will stay on top of things. But from all the characteristics that need to be maintained, the oil change is by far one of the most important ones. If your car doesn’t have the right oil in it or if the oil is not changed when it should be, this can affect the entire technical process.

Changing the oil of your car and, also choosing the best one for it is crucial for its lifespan and if you want to take care of your vehicle, the oil should be your main concern always. There are some aspects that need to be taken into consideration and that can have a high influence on your final decision when you are chopping for the right motor oil. The viscosity of the oil is one of these aspects and synthetic oils have the viscosity level written on the bottle tag so that you will find it easy to observe. For the majority of cars, the desired viscosity varies between 10W and 30W. But when you choose the oil for your car you also have to consider the manufacturer of your vehicle and what do you use it for as well as the weather in which you are intending to use it more often. Additives are also very important when you choose the right motor oil. Synthetic oils will have just the right additives to improve the quality of viscosity and can maintain your car running smoothly for a long period of time. Some of the best synthetic motor oils on the market this year are AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic oils, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oils and Mobile 1 Extended Performance Synthetic Motor Oil. Their characteristics very from lower to higher price and high lubricating capacity, however, your decision should ultimately be based on the type of car that you have and the budget that you have available.

This top 3 synthetic motor oil brands are the best of 2017 and regardless to what you decide to choose, you can’t go wrong. What is important is to stay informed on the needs that your car has and do your best to combine them with the budget that you have available to invest in them. A good oil will provide you with a more enjoyable driving experience and will be the best medicine for your vehicle on a daily basis. Changing your car oil is one of the main concerns that you should have if you want to keep your car “healthy” for a longer time.


By our faith all things are possible…

We are healed by our faith. Not by what we do or how we do it. Where there is truth there is God. When there is no truth around; look inside, there you will find truth and there you will find God. When you find truth you find god, when you find God you find love, When you find love you discover the key to unlocking eternal happiness. If you don’t believe me seek the truth and when you find it no doubts can be found and your mind will be at rest.

As weary as you might feel, don’t stop there because with the truth the rest of your world can now start to come together. Where we are now, and where we wish to be is a journey of understanding. A carefully calculated route must be sought after by a second step in the right direction, this can only be found after the first. In this order one should first seek truth. Once one has a firm footing on truth then they will rest upon the truth and calculate the next step of personally knowing God.

Once you know God then you know of love and can begin to understand that the love in you is the same love as in others… God. From there it is just a matter of putting it all together and living a happy life.. One in love, with deeply rooted faith in our creator that no one can ever take away from us.

Sometimes all the words just run together

Salvador Dali Paintings 241

As I lye here in wait, the love flows from my fingers tips from every part of me

How I fight to contain it, yet how I long to release it

The desire keeps growing and growing Longing for relief;

I fight to let it all bleed from me, to release myself from its clutch

Overwhelmingly my entire body feels as if it has become an even plain with the ground that I lye upon.

Knowing this is beyond me, I fight to reach for higher enlightenment I fight to take my mind to another place, one of ration, but still the desire is taking no turn

Turning, tossing,.. fighting instinctively back to a time when I felt love’s greatest touch as I lay there curdled upon a fetal position, melting upon the ground with no regard to anything but its release.

I fight to lay strong, to pull away as a butterfly stretching from the emergence of its slumbering cocoon. To fly away to a place before unknown, yet to a place I know is there waiting for me.

Deep within my spine, with each breath I give it flows, with each breath I take it fills showing no signs it shall ever weaken for my sake.

With my last breath… drawing together all that remains I stagger to my feet, Not wanting to feel anymore, I glimpse back upon this ravaged scene, only to see what a tragic, yet better sweet entwinement she has once again fled.

So taken, yet exhilarated, I do hope she stays near, that her whisper is never far from my ear.

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